Recycled Plastic Fasteners

Manufactured from at least 88% post consumer waste generated from plastic bottles.

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Recycled Fasteners will do more than reduce your impact on the environment. They will position you as an innovative and environmentally sensitive brand to the growing number of customers who value sustainable business practices.

Sustainable Apparel Tagging Solution
Avery Dennison Recycled Plastic Fasteners meet the needs of environmentally conscious retailers, brand owners and consumers to reduce their environmental footprint. Switching to our Recycled Plastic Fasteners for tag/label attaching demonstrates brand innovation and environmental responsibility.

Lower Landfills
Recycled Plastic Fasteners are made of recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET). The environmental benefits created by using at least 88% “post consumer” waste from recycled plastic bottles (rPET) are substantial:

  • Every roll of 834 fasteners reduces the landfill load by more than 3 plastic bottles
  • Every carton, by more than 23 plastic bottles
  • Every case, by 237 plastic bottles

Recycled Garment Fasteners
Fasteners carry a “Recycled” mobius loop logo molded onto the paddle for immediate recognition of retailer sustainability efforts. Retailers can create a positive image of environmental stewardship for just fractions of a cent per garment.