Swiftach® Mark V™ Fastening System

Swiftach® Mark V™ Fastening System helps minimize operator risk when attaching brand message, price, size and bar code tags in retail stores, distribution centers and apparel production facilities.

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Avery Dennison® Swiftach® Mark V Fastening System

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Mark V™ Fastening System
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Mark V™ Fastening System training program
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Apparel Tagging Just Got Safer
First Apparel Tagging Solution with Unexposed and Retractable Needle Design
Reduce Operator Exposure to Blood-borne Diseases

The needle safety features of the Mark V promote proper placement of operator fingers away from the needle puncture zone, helping to reduce:

  • Accidental needle sticks, skin punctures and lacerations, even for the most experienced of operators
  • Risk of operator-to-operator transmission of diseases such as Hepatitis B, HIV and other blood-borne diseases
  • Litigation, compensation and employee medical costs
  • Risk of regulatory fines from governmental occupational safety and health organization audits
  • Time spent filling out required incident documentation and subsequent follow-up


Product Support

Avery Dennison® Swiftach® Mark V™ Fastening System Operator Manual rev-3

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