Avery Dennison® IndES™ Elastic Staple® System

Flexible Stapling System with Enhanced Fastener Stretch Maximizes Packaging Options for Quick ROI.

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Avery Dennison IndES Elastic Staple System

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Avery Dennison IndES™ Elastic Staple System Product Information

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Sustainable Packaging Solutions IndES Elastic Staple System Comparison

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Avery Dennison IndES Reinforced Backing Solution

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IndES Elastic Staple
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Reinforced Backing Solution™ for IndES Elastic Staple® System
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Increased Packaging Speed Improves Productivity, Performance and Profit

Replacing conventional manual packaging methods with the Avery Dennison IndES Elastic Staple System:

  • Cuts time and steps in packaging production, decreasing downtime
  • Reduces operator workload and associated costs
  • Reduces material costs

Elevate Consumer Experience and Appeal

Reduced packaging creates a better view of the product, increasing overall shelf appeal and a positive consumer experience both before and after the sale through:

  • Improved visual of the product at point-of-sale
  • Increased customer interaction the product, which remains securely packaged
  • Aiding faster, easier and safer removal of produc

Reduced Environmental Impact Elevates Brand

The small and lightweight IndES Elastic Staples eliminate excess packaging and reduce the amount of materials being transported. When compared to conventional packaging methods such as plastic cable ties and paper twist ties, Avery Dennison’s IndES Elastic Staple System reduces water and energy use, solid waste production and C02 emissions.

Avery Dennison® IndES® Elastic

Staple® Automated Hosiery System (AHS)

This innovative packaging solution secures socks together through an automated process that is faster than traditional clip fed fasteners, and offers flexibility for a variety of elastic staple sizes to suit customer's needs. The AHS uses programming and simple switches to initiate the cycle and pneumatic controls quickly and efficiently deliver one or two fasteners per sock. No further operator involvement is required for a complete fastening cycle.

The AHS features a new hosiery needle specially designed to eliminate damage to the sock material and is the smallest diameter of any IndES needle. This allows the AHS to execute at any thickness of sock up to 67mm packaging while keeping the material pristine. Read more.

Product Support

IndES™ Elastic Staple® System Operator Manual rev. 4

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