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Avery Dennison ST9500 Plastic Staple®

The ability to perform innovative applications means the ST9500 does more to help you meet the needs of today's retailers and their customers. Ideal for high-volume ticketing, our Plastic Staple System also easily handles a range of garment processing challenges.

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Avery Dennison ST9000 Plastic Staple®

This attacher reliably feeds fasteners through dual needles from a continuous reel of 20,000 fasteners. The flexible polymer design of the fastener provides a strong attachment with a low profile, but allows for easy removal from soft goods with no fabric damage.


Avery Dennison® IndES Elastic Staple® System

​The latest innovation in consumer goods fastening and packaging offers accelerated performance, improved consumer appeal and increased sustainability over conventional fastener packaging.

This flexible stapling system with enhanced fastener stretch can be used as a stand-alone unit or integrated into automated high volume packaging lines, maximizing packaging options for a quick ROI.

Secures items to flat card surfaces or multi-level card packaging designs. With lengths ranging from 15mm to 100mm, the strong, pliable staples stretch to a wide variety of product shapes and sizes:

  • Toys
  • Jewelry
  • DIY tools
  • Sporting goods accessories
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Home textiles
  • Socks

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Avery Dennison IndES™ Elastic Staple System Product Information

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Avery Dennison Swiftach® Industrial Buttoneer® Family

Useful in many assembly applications including pleating, spacing, closing or joining.


Avery Dennison System 1000® Tools

Features twenty times more loading capacity than ordinary, hand-held tag attaching tools.  Exceptional tagging capabilities for most general-purpose and heavy-duty applications.


Avery Dennison System 1000® Fasteners

With 1,000 fasteners per reel reduce time spent reloading as well as the potential for jamming, results in increased worker productivity.


Avery Dennison Super Heavy-Duty Long Needle Pistol Tool

A rugged, reliable, long stroke, pistol-style tool designed to accept all styles of Super Heavy-Duty fasteners. Features a wide grip trigger, making it easier to insert the long needle through tougher materials.

Avery Dennison Industrial Long Needle Pneumatic Tool

Designed for heavy industrial use, this tool features a long needle to feed Super Heavy-Duty fasteners. Used most often when it is faster to bring the garment to the tool rather than using a hand tool.



Avery Dennison® MicroTach Attaching System

Replace thread, staples and pins with our smallest and most versatile fastener.


Avery Dennison® MicroTach Attaching System

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Avery Dennison® MicroPin Attaching System

MicroPin fasteners hold securely, yet are quick and easy to remove. No hidden pins in the fabric, no sharp pins on the floor.


Avery Dennison® MicroPin Attaching System

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Avery Dennison® Mattress Fastening System

Eliminate messy sprays, hot melt glues and water-­based adhesives in one quick click. Just insert the long, extra heavy-duty needle through multiple foam layers and click. Mattress foam layers stay secure long after foams and glues fail -- and there's never any customer-unfriendly crackling noise.

Mattress Fastening System Product Infromation

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Cable Tie Solutions

Avery Dennison develops innovative products and problem-specific fastening solutions. Our unique stretching process produces premium, superior performing cable ties for a wide range of applications.

Avery Dennison Cable Tie Fastener Guide

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Avery Dennison Swiftach Catalog

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