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Printer Comparison

Tabletop and Desktop Printers

Avery Dennison® Monarch® Tabletop Printer 1

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Quite simply, the Avery Dennison Tabletop Printer 1 is our best ever RFID encoding printing solution.

Built to accelerate your bar code and RFID label and tag printing, encoding, verifying, cutting and stacking to move your merchandise quickly, accurately through the supply chain.  


Best used for:

  • Carton/pallet labeling
  • Retail compliance
  • Item-level marking/tracking
  • Work-in-process tracking
  • Hang tag printing
  • Asset tracking

Avery Dennison® 9419 Printer

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Tabletop Performance, Desktop Size
Bringing together the full functionality of a large thermal printer and  space-saving convenience and cost efficiency of a traditional desktop printer, the Avery Dennison Monarch® 9419 Printer is designed for an array of in-store retail printing needs.

Best used for:

  • Markdowns
  • Replacement labeling/tagging
  • Omni-Channel order fulfillment/store transfers
  • Promotional labeling


Durable construction makes it a great choice for manufacturing and distribution center labeling applications.


Avery Dennison® 9416XL Printers

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The Avery Dennison 9416XL printers fit into areas where there is traditionally not a lot of room to spare: retail back rooms and shipping docks.

They’re perfect for printing:

  • Shipping and routing labels
  • Small signs
  • Receipts
  • Replacement tags

Avery Dennison® Monarch®
FreshMarx® 9417+ Solution

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A benchmark in food safety and nutritional labeling 
The FreshMarx® 9417+ by Avery Dennison is a flexible food labeling solution designed to produce, legible detailed food labels that comply with food safety standards Pre-loaded data eliminates mistakes in calculating food expiration dates.

  • Accurate shelf-life, nutrition and ingredient labels
  • Automated, secure menu updates
  • Video and document viewing
  • Factory installed WiFi option
  • Barcodes for POS or inventory scanning
  • Open architecture supports custom applications
  • Timers to track food prep

Avery Dennison® 9854 Printer

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Flexible Distribution Center Printing
The Avery Dennison 9854 printer provides top quality print results, increasing efficiency for labeling applications such as:

  • Box labeling
  • Pallet labeling
  • Shipping labeling
  • Compliance labeling
  • Product identification


You can also use this solution to print bar codes and serial numbers on a wide variety of materials, from paper to plastic.

Avery Dennison® 9906 Printer

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The Avery Dennison 9906 printer has a large graphical display for a more user-friendly menu system as well as support for Asian fonts. The right choice for retailers or distribution centers printing less than 10,000 labels or tags per week, including:

  • Shipping labels
  • Replacement tags
  • Routing labels