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The Retailer's Catalog 2016
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Technical Documentation
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Mechanical Labelers Comparison Chart.
Choose a printer model that matches your application.
Mechanical labelers and manual applicators solutions

Handheld Labelers and Manual Applicators

Custom labels, printed with your store name/logo, continue to advertise your business long after the sale is complete. These labels remind customers where they bought their item – leading them back for repeat business.

Genuine Monarch® Labelers

  • Drop-in loading and unloading for fast, easy changeover
  • Covered supply compartment helps keep labels clean and damage-freee
  • Ergonomically designed to minimize operator fatigue
  • Open and accessible inner cavity for clearing jams -- exclusive feature
  • Portrait feed allows for part-gum applications -- exclusive feature
  • Made from ABS plastic - the same material used in the manufacture of some cars


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Monarch® 1110® Labeler
Small Labels, Efficient Marking 
The label size makes the 1110 the best solution for small or uniquely-shaped merchandise where the labeling surface space is limited. Perfect for labeling items right in the carton. So easy-to-use, customers have reported marking an 18-item case in five seconds.

Monarch® 1110® Labeler

511.7 KB (pdf)
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Monarch® 1115® Labeler
Versatile Pricing and Inventory Marking Solution 

With 16 available print positions, you can:

  • Manage/track FIFO inventory
  • Perform unit or comparison pricing and cost coding
  • Create SKU codes
  • Print shelf dates
  • Show your customers savings through comparison pricing

Monarch® 1115® Labeler

538.7 KB (pdf)
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Monarch® 1130/1131® Labeler
For Price Management Applications:
Efficient Price Marking 

Features a large label capacity, allowing your associates to label up to 2,500 products without stopping so products get to the selling floor more quickly.


For Food Inventory Accuracy Applications:
Quick Turnaround Date Coding

Prints up to eight character positions for easy-to-read prep time or date coding. Ideal for dating quick turnaround food prepared in advance.

Monarch 1130 and 1131 One-Line Labelers

479.3 KB (pdf)

Monarch 1131 One-Line Labeler for Food Applications

762.2 KB (pdf)
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Monarch® 1135® Labeler
Use the twelve positions to show your customers “before” and “now” pricing.

Monarch 1135 and 1136 Two-Line Labelers

511.6 KB (pdf)
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Monarch®1136® Labeler

For Price Management Applications:
Flexible Price Marking and On-Shelf Inventory Management

Features 16 positions, allowing ample character space for monitoring and controling inventory at a glance on the sales floor, including slow-moving or expiring inventory. Print months, years, units, SKUs and alpha codes only you can decipher..


For Food Inventory Accuracy Applications:
Food Safety Labeling for Small Containers

Produces labels that are big enough to see, but won’t overshadow your product.

Monarch 1135 and 1136 Two-Line Labelers

511.6 KB (pdf)

Food Inventory Accuracy Applications Monarch® 1136® Labeler

449.6 KB (pdf)
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Monarch® 1138® Labeler
Five Labeling Positions Offer Flexibility for High Turnover Items 

Create promotional labels on the spot and call more attention to your products. Bright fluorescent labels help catch the eye of the customer. Print two-for-one pricing in a combination of characters and numbers. Underscore cents for ease of reading.

Monarch® 1138® Labeler

165.5 KB (pdf)
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Monarch® 1151® /1152® Labeler
For Price Management Applications:
Jumbo Print for Jumbo Labels 

Studies show customers make 65% of retail decisions on impulse. These labelers are ideal for larger merchandise, impulse items and promotional goods to help increase your chance to catch impulse buys.


For Food Inventory Accuracy Applications:
Manage Food Rotation 

Perfect for labeling cambro containers. Available in your choice of three formats to help ensure your food is used in the correct order.

Price Management Applications Monarch® 1151® Labeler

550.8 KB (pdf)

Food Inventory Accuracy Applications Monarch® 1152® Labeler

489.4 KB (pdf)
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Monarch® 1153® Labeler
For Price Management Applications:
Large Label Print for Inventory Management 

Large labels and three-line print format allow you to pack plenty of information onto a single label.

  • Manage your inventory with by-dates, alpha characters and underlined cents pricing
  • Control shipping and receiving
  • Record serial numbers in your stockroom and on the selling floor


For Food Inventory Accuracy Applications
When to Discard Outdated Food at a Glance
Features three precise lines of information: made, ready and discard times.

Price Management Applications Monarch® 1153® Labeler

190.2 KB (pdf)

Food Inventory Accuracy Applications Monarch® 1153® Labeler

333.3 KB (pdf)
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Monarch® 1155® Labeler
For Price Management Applications:
Create Promotional Labels On the Spot 

Create easy-to-read, bold fluorescent price marking labels to catch customers’ attention through:

  • Underscoring cents
  • Multiple prices
  • Unit pricing, including case, box and each
  • Printing prices up to $9,999.99


For Food Inventory Accuracy Applications:
Portion Control Date Coding 

Print exact prep / pull information by month, day, year and AM / PM time, up to 12 character positions per line. Add more characters positions to print  employee ID numbers.

Price Management Applications Monarch® 1155® Labeler

195.3 KB (pdf)

Food Inventory Accuracy Applications Monarch® 1155® Labeler

311.0 KB (pdf)
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Monarch® 1156® Labeler
For Price Management Applications:
Large Labels, Large Print, Large Opportunity to Increase Impulse Purchases 

With BIG, easy-to-read print on contrasting, bold fluorescent labels, prices jump off your product to catch customers’ attention. Create promotional labels on the spot with:

  • Underscored cents
  • Multiple prices
  • Unit pricing, including case, box and each
  • Printed prices up to $9,999.99
  • Seven positions on your choice of bright fluorescent or solid label colors


For Food Inventory Accuracy Applications:
Print High Visibility Food Rotation Labels

Prints up to seven large character positions to display month, day and time goods were placed into storage.

Price Management Applications Monarch® 1156® Labeler

166.3 KB (pdf)

Food Inventory Accuracy Applications Monarch® 1156® Labeler

326.8 KB (pdf)
Monarch Sure-Sell Word Message Labelers

Monarch® Sure-Sell Word/Message Labelers
Save Time and Money as You Reduce Your Inventory Cost

  • Using one labeler with 12 different words saves you time and inventory costs
  • Buy the labeler with the 12 words most frequently used
  • Purchase plain labels with a choice of white or variety of solid or fluorescent colors
  • Print and apply the quantity of labels needed
  • New product? Dial the word "New", then click and stick
  • Ask about our country of original label

Manual Applicators

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Monarch® 1159® Applicator
Big, Bold, Preprinted Promotional Labels and Stickers Really Turn Heads! 

  • Great for route drivers and store personnel when applying preprinted labels in any retail environment
  • Moves products as easily as it moved in your hand
  • Fast change of labels -- can be reloaded in 21 seconds
  • Easy-view window design - lets you keep track of label usage
  • Easy-squeeze trigger

Monarch® 1159® Labeler

187.0 KB (pdf)
Scooter Applicator

Scooter Applicator
Applies labels from 1" up to 25⁄8“ wide. Puts an end to labor intensive hand application of labels. Just “scoot” the applicator across your product.

Easy Touch Applicator

Easy Touch Applicator
Quick Turnaround Date Coding
Applicator with its edge detector automatically detects leading edge of label providing accuracy in dispensing every time.