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Pathfinder 6140
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Mark V™ Fastening System
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Mark V™ Fastening System training program
General Retail Solutions

General Retail

Avery Dennison elevates brands and accelerates performance throughout the global retail supply chain. 

Our innovative identification, promotional and informational solutions not only add to consumer appeal and perceived value, they facilitate supply chain visibility and process improvement, increasing speed, accuracy, productivity and margins for omni-channel retail operations worldwide.

General retail suply chain
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Solutions Spotlight on Price Management


Avery Dennison® Pathfinder® 6140 Printer

Now You Can Use Your Smart Device to Increase Markdown Productivity and Accuracy.

Smart devices are the centerpiece for stores of the future. With them, associates will drive customer experiences through mobile point of sale, omni-channel selling and cross-selling. Using the Avery Dennison Pathfinder 6140 printer powered by GlobalBay price application software, retailers add productive and accurate price marking and markdown capabilities to the list of benefits gained by using smart devices in-store.


Avery Dennison® Pathfinder® 6140 Printer for Logistics, For Use in Inventory Accuracy, Visibility and Loss Prevention

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Swiftach Mark V Fastening System

Solutions Spotlight on Price Management


Avery Dennison® Swiftach® Mark V Fastening System 


The First Apparel Tagging Solution with an Unexposed and Retractable Needle Design. 

The Avery Dennison® Swiftach® Mark V Fastening System helps minimize operator risk when attaching brand message, price, size and bar code tags in retail stores, distribution centers and apparel production facilities. 

Reduce Operator Exposure to Blood-borne Diseases
The needle safety features of the Mark V promote proper placement of operator fingers away from the needle puncture zone, helping to reduce:

  • Accidental needle sticks, skin punctures and lacerations, even for the most experienced of operators
  • Risk of operator-to-operator transmission of diseases such as Hepatitis B, HIV and other blood-borne diseases
  • Litigation, compensation and employee medical costs
  • Risk of regulatory fines from governmental occupational safety and health organization audits
  • Time spent filling out required incident documentation and subsequent follow-up

Avery Dennison® Swiftach® Mark V Fastening System

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