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Is RFID Riht for Fresh Foods?
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Freshmarx™ 9417+ Technical Information
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Freshmarx™ 9417 Technical Videos
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Food industry solutions from Avery Dennison



Our innovative freshness, nutritional, promotional, informational and branding solutions not only increase consumer confidence and safety, they facilitate regulatory compliance, supply chain visibility and waste reduction, improving speed, accuracy, productivity and margins around the world.

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Avery Dennison® Monarch®
FreshMarx® 9417+ Solution

A benchmark in food safety and nutritional labeling 
The FreshMarx® 9417+ is a flexible food labeling solution designed to produce legible detailed food labels that comply with food safety standards. Pre-loaded data simplifies food labeling and eliminates mistakes in calculating food expiration dates.

  • Accurate shelf-life, nutrition and ingredient labels
  • Automated, secure menu updates
  • Video and document viewing
  • Factory installed WiFi option
  • Barcodes for POS or inventory scanning
  • Open architecture supports custom applications
  • Timers to track food prep

EcoCapacity+™ Thin Liner Label Material
Sustainability is a concern for most food service establishments, but the expense to implement new processes and equipment can be cost prohibitive.  EcoCapacity+ Thin Liner label material has been designed for use with the FreshMarx 9417 printer to provide sustainability and operational efficiencies at the same price per label as standard label material.


Increased Productivity, Improved Efficiency

  • 50% more labels per roll
  • 35% fewer roll changes (200 labels used per day)


Reduced Environmental Impact

Compared to standard 40#SCK liner labels, EcoCapacity+ Thin Liner labels significantly reduce environmental impact across the categories of fossil material, trees, water, energy, greenhouse gas emissions and waste. 


Reduced Packaging, Shipping and Storage

  • 33% less storage space required
  • 30% fewer cartons to ship
More Information

Avery Dennison FreshMarx 9417+ printer

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EcoCapacity+ for 9417

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Products and Services

Avery Dennison's FreshMarx®  brand of food labeling solutions increase consumer safety and perceived value while complying with regulatory food safety standards, adding accuracy and efficiency throughout the global retail food supply chain.

Click on the link below to see how Avery Dennison can help you elevate your brand in your customers’ eyes and accelerate your processes in your everyday food labeling applications.

View the FreshMarx®  Product Guide.


Avery Dennison Business Process Analytics. An Operational Analysis
Process for Restaurants.

Our process analysis service is used to examine your kitchen’s operation to:


  • Ensure food safety
  • Improve processes
  • Reduce errors and costs


Using the Avery Dennison Business Process Analytics, we can help discover process improvements that ensure food safety while also increasing productivity and reducing food waste. A return on investment breakdown is included with every analysis.

To schedule a no obligation kitchen operations analysis, call an Avery Dennison FreshTrax consultant today: Toll Free: 800-543-6650 ext 2560 or email us at: